Washington D C We all think we know about Washington, but it’s very much a bear city. The hotel lady tidied me every day and made sure I could see out of the window. Washington is a clean, smart safe place, as you might expect. It is very busy with tourists who come to see The White House, the monuments and the museums. There is theatre here too, but it’s not a big thing. Many people warned us not to visit the Ford’s Theatre, where Lincoln was shot, as they say it’s a tourist rip-off. There’s lots of security everywhere, as you would expect. We imagine that, since our last visit in 2016, it has increased. If you want to visit The Washington Monument  you need to book a long time in advance. It can cope with limited numbers and getting in is hard. Transport is easy and there are nice places to visit for a day trip, but skip The Pentagon. Everything is as expensive as you would imagine, but you get good service everywhere. There are lots of little parks and squares where people have lunch, and there is always entertainment to be seen. The national galleries and museums are pretty good, and free, but there are long queues for the security checks. And we love the air and space museum but wish they had somewhere nice to eat, away from kids and not McDonald’s. Our nicest meal was breakfast at Founding Farmers, but you need to book and not rush. A trip to Georgetown is worth it, but the Kennedy Center is best avoided. Such unpleasant people. But we found a great butterfly/nature garden in the centre that was a lovely place to sit, on the advice of a very nice lady who was gardening in front of the Capitol Building.
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