Toronto There are many people who say that Toronto, that’s Canada folks, and Belgium are so similar. They are easy going places with lovely people. It’s the mostly English speaking part of the country, of course, and the French aspects are less in evidence. In fact, one of Toronto’s claims to fame is that it often doubles for New York in many films, because it is cheaper to film there and, unless you knew, would be very convincing. There is a shortage of bear shops, but lots of nice restaurants, and they do love their cake. Go back to a place and you will be remembered. Sit on the streets and people will chat to you. On one visit, on just one day, my owner was offered an ice cream, condoms, cake and was asked by a Spanish gentleman if he would kindly talk on the phone to an insurance agent as the man in question did not understand what she, the agent, was saying. There are some interesting things. The CN Tower, still one of the tallest structures in the world. Nearby is a small railway you can ride on. Across the lake, on a ferry, are summer islands. When my owner went, it poured, all day. There is theatre, a decent orchestra in a nice concert hall, parks, a Starbucks with leather sofas outside, and more. In winter it is cold. Sheets of ice fall from the high buildings. Thunderstorms can be regular and spectacular. Niagara Falls is a short train ride away and is worth a visit (it’s the better, Canadian side of course). Travel from the UK is easy and not expensive. Toronto can be fun, but we dislike how messy it can be, and how many people sleep on the streets. And there should be more bear shops!
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