Ah, Paris. That romantic city. What makes Paris tick? Chocolate, pastries, champagne? Honestly, it’s been a long time since I went but it did seem to be cigarettes mainly. We bears don’t much like smoking as it makes our fluff smell, and that usually means a spell in the washing machine. And you know how much bears hate that! The last time we went, my owner was annoyed because the queues for the Eiffel tour were silly, apparently. There are bear shops. There definitely are nice chocolate shops. And there are cakes. The hotel we stayed at was not particularly bear friendly and one day I was thrown to the floor by the cleaning person and just left. The hotel was very noisy, and we bears like our peace. I am told that the food can be good, but that everything is expensive. A pot of tea for one, for example, in 2012, cost €10. I have only been once, but my owner has been a few times and tells me that shop and restaurant staff do seem friendlier and more tolerant to tourists, especially if you try to speak a bit of French to them. The Louvre has the Mona Lisa, and the crowds for that are pretty big I gather. Getting there is easy enough. We wen on the train through the tunnel, and of course there are flights from the USA and all modes of transport from the rest of Europe. Oh, and watch out for the mess the little doggies make on the pavements. We bears never make a mess.
© MMXXIV Harrison Bear

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