Bears and the virus

We bears know how important it is for our owners, whatever their ages, not to get COVID. We know it can be a horrible thing for humans, and we’d miss them very much if they died. At the start of the first lockdown, bears were used to provide a distraction to children around the world, and we were happy to help: If you are a bear reading this and have a human who has not had a jab, give them a big hug and try to remind them how important they are and how a jab or just a mask can help save them or someone they love. Tell them that COVID 19 is still around and they need to be careful. You can see that I still wear a mask. I found some other friends on the web who set a good example, and hope they don’t mind my sharing their pictures. Masks still help, and show that you care. Be safe. It’s never too late to get a jab.
© MMXXIV Harrison Bear

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